Monday, 4 May 2015

Hashtag #3


Book: Player
Author: Cambria Hebert
Published: 9th March 2015
My Rating: 5/5
Recommend: Yes

Players gotta play.

Hate is like a poison. It contaminates everything.

So does doubt.
Even though I deny what I overheard, even though I insist it isn’t true, the seed of doubt has been planted. I can’t help but be tormented with the endless what-if’s that have taken over our lives.
Romeo and I were happy in love. The future stretched before us brighter than any star in the darkest sky. Now everything is broken. Literally broken. Romeo’s entire career is at stake, my entire future is threatened… and my past?

It’s coming back to haunt me.
To haunt us.

Romeo says we’re in this together and right now the only sure thing is us. But how far can a love so new be pushed? The lengths we will have to go to save each other puts everything at risk.
Romeo is a #player but how much of the game can one person play?

This book was off the hook!!!

I enjoyed this book more than the first two. The action and suspense both combined in this book was too much for brain to comprehend!
Romeo and Rimmel are both stretched and bended in ways it becomes hard for them to cope, throughout the book I often wondered if there was a chance at either of them surviving.

I really disliked what Romeo's mother accuses of Rimmel, especially after time and time again she proves that she really does love Romeo and not his wealth.


It was about time for justice to be served to Rimmel and Romeo, it was kind of getting really tedious for both of them to be played all the time in someone's plan.

[ The most action would probably be when those guys from the underworld threaten Romeo as a result of Rimmel's past (because of her father mostly) (spoiler)]

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