Sunday, 31 May 2015

See Me #1


Book: See Me
Author: Wendy Higgins
Published: 14th March 2014
My Rating: 3/5
Recommend: Yes

While most seventeen-year-old American girls would refuse to let their parents marry them off to a stranger, Robyn Mason dreams of the mysterious McKale in Ireland, wondering how he’ll look and imagining his cute Irish accent. Prearranged bindings are common for magical families like her own, however when she travels to the whimsical Emerald Isle she discovers there’s more to her betrothal and McKale’s clan than she was led to believe. 

What starts as an obligatory pairing between Robyn and McKale morphs over time into something they both need. But one giant obstacle stands in the way of their budding romance: a seductive and deadly Fae princess accustomed to getting what she wants—and what she wants is McKale as her plaything. Love, desire, and jealousies collide as Robyn’s family and McKale’s clan must work together to outsmart the powerful Faeries and preserve the only hope left for their people.

I was looking forward to this book, since the last book by Wendy was off the charts!

I had so much expectations for this book, but they popped like a balloon!

I wanted to like this story so much but I felt like the pace and romance between Robyn and Mckale dragged on a bit, I didn't understand why it was difficult for Mckale to accept Robyn and just move on instead of making her feel insecure!

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