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The Witching Elm #1

Title: The Witching Elm
Author: C.N Crawford
Published: 1st December 2014
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes

Seventeen-year-old sorcerer Tobias Corvin tumbles through a blizzard and arrives—half frozen and half dead—in another world. Trapped in Boston, he tries to blend in at an old boarding school while secretly plotting to save his home.

But if anything can distract him from his mission, it's the wild-haired and intriguing Fiona. She is determined to learn the truth about his dangerous magic.

When a spectral army from Toby's world begins slaughtering Bostonians, he and Fiona must stop the carnage. They face unspeakable dangers unearthing the dark secrets of New England's past—a past that holds the key to saving both worlds from destruction


I received this book in exchange for an honest review from LoP


This reminded me alot of the Harry Potter series as the content is about magic, warlocks, wizards or witches. I loved the cover of the book, it's what caught my attention in the first place. You would think looking at the cover its about a guy who is a winged creature that can fly. Nope, not like that at all!


I like to think the front cover is symbolic it does represent Tobias in some way as he is a warlock or 'philosopher' as they call them in the book. But it is so much more than that! The synopsis of the book? Now I don't think that it does justice to the book as it gives very ambiguous meaning in my opinion anyways.

The plot in this book was very interesting, Tobias is trapped in Boston which is another realm and acts as a portal between his world (Maremount) and Boston. See, this is where it becomes interesting. Fiona and her friends want to learn magic and be involved with it so they don't have boring office jobs, comes along Tobias. Along with Alan, Tobias and the girls have a race against time to stop monsters from killing people and save themselves (learn magic too).

A very interesting twist is Jack, I won't divulge on who he is too much. You will have to read the book for that, but you won't regret it.

This book is filled with action, a possible love interest, twists and turns along the way. On the plus side, who doesn't love magic right?

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