Friday, 18 September 2015

Candy #1

Title: Like Candy
Author: Debra Doxer
Published:28th July 2015
My Rating: 3/5

 Revenge is sweet, just like candy.

Candy Seaborne knows she’s badass. She takes after her father, an assassin and possibly a spy, although he won’t admit to either. She idolizes him. Her dream is to follow in his footsteps. But first, she has to finish high school.

Biding her time, waiting for real life to begin, Candy craves drama and isn’t above manufacturing some. If you’re a classmate who wronged her or a boyfriend who cheated, watch your back. She’s no pushover, and revenge may be her favorite pastime.

Jonah Bryson is the senior class heartthrob who breaks all the stereotypes. He’s a jock, but he isn’t the typical player. He’s moody and antisocial. No girl has gotten anywhere with him since his last girlfriend broke his heart.

Candy sees Jonah as a challenge and the perfect distraction. But she may be in over her head because unlike everyone else, Jonah isn’t buying her tough act. He sees the lost, lonely girl inside. He sees too much. When he looks at her that way, she wants to let her guard down and be vulnerable. But that’s the last thing she should do because her father’s world is spilling over into hers, and life is about to get real much sooner than Candy expected.

I received this book in an exchange for an honest review

Could Candy get anymore awesome! :D

Candy was a very diverse character, and she is real in the sense of acting like any normal teenager. Some teens if not everyone act like they are strong but it is all an act. An act because to save themselves from hoping and from their heart breaking. I normally cannot relate to predominant characters often, but for some reason I did with Candy. I really did feel sorry for; her mum dies of cancer, her dad is very frustrating most of the times and made me want to a throw a book at him. Then comes all the high school drama, yay!! Lol


The plot of this story is powerful. Now, the reason I say this because, the book talks about killing someone with no remorse. I had a problem with this, one conversation between Candy and her father is about Candy wanting to become like her father. When she states what his profession is, he is angered by it. But what is most disturbing to me as a human and as a reader was him saying that he would kill anyone have no regrets, well what about if the person had a family? What about that? I can understand if someone needs to be killed because of killing innocent civillians or putting them at risk. Why does Candy want to be like her father who kills people then puts his family at risk? This was one of the main reasons why I did not give it more than 3 stars even though I really wanted to.

On the bright side, I LOVED LOVED LOVED JONAH!!!! I cannot say this enough, I was sad to find out that he was posing as a teenage even though he was not one (age 22) but darn it Candy, couldn't you listen to why he did this? I wanted to find out why my sweet Jonah was like that! I CANNOT wait for the next book, the book ended in a CLIFFHANGER! Oh man, I need that BOOK NOW!!!

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