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Water Rites #1

Title: Water Rites
Author: J. R Pearse Nelson
Published: 9th March 2015
My Rating: 4/5

In the centuries old struggle for territory between selkies and finfolk, Lorelei Dorian is something new.

Secrets, once uncovered, can change everything. And they will for Lorelei Dorian. She thinks she’s a normal girl, with a talent for swimming and an unparalleled adoration for math. When a new friend confronts her with her true nature, her world will never be the same. Instead, a whole new world awaits her. Can the selkies and the finfolk share the sea – and Lorelei – or will they tear her to pieces as one more pawn in the long game hidden under the waves?

I received this book in an exchange for an honest review

When I first saw the cover of this book, I thought to myself its about a girl who can sing and is a mermaid, I thought it would be set in the backdrop of Atlantis (Like the Little Mermaid?) or something along the lines. I couldn't be more wrong, what a wrong a judgement that was ;D lol

Did you think that too? :)

This story begins with Lorelei happily swimming with her mamma and untying the skin from her body. Like what??? was my initial reaction, why would these magical creatures need some type of 'skin' that would allow them to transform? But I guess that what makes the plot more interesting, why do they need it? Can they not transform themselves like we have read and seen in many books and films?

16 years later and Lorelei is running late for Math class? Lol, I loved the normalcy of this before everything comes crashing down. Vardon is shown to have feelings for Lori and wants to make her his, well he doesn't exactly say this but is hinted towards it with his actions, feelings and how it is depicted in the book. Clay, on the other hand watches Lori from far and in his mind has already claimed her. Lori is his bride. Creepy much? Clay is Finfolk and Vardon is Selkie. Now before you go thinking what the heck those are? Let me tell you the difference because these are the same questions I asked myself

Selkie is someone who can transform into a seal, whilst a finfolk are simply shapeshifters, who closely resemble to a mermaid but they are not mermaids. The other big difference is, Finfolk are evil creatures (kind of like sorcerous)who use their magic to manipulate people for selfish reasons- kind of like what Clay does to Lori. There is war between these two species, they dislike sharing the sea with one another so stay away from one another. Comes along Lori who I assume will bridge the difference between these two in the end! I hope!

Back to the story, Clay tries to lure Lori into marrying him but she doesn't like him to begin with not that I blame her cos he is a creep and stalker. Her interest lies in Vardon. Now I have high hopes for #VardonLorie to be together, please make that work!

I loved how adaptable Lorie was to change, it wasn't to quick nor was it too slow. She was very acceptable but found the change hard at the same time and with everything else in her life, it became hard to cope. Too many expectations. Just like the problems in every teenage's life!

I honestly cannot wait for the next book, I know it will be just better than this one


I would imagine the skin would look like this but with knots?

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