Saturday, 23 January 2016

Movie Review: Spectre

Movie Details:
Title: Spectre 
Release Date: 26th October 2015
Cast: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Noamie Harris, Ben Whishaw
Rating: 3.5/5

Please Note: I went to go watch a James Bond movie, whilst I am not a James Bond fan I did enjoy the movie alot ( I did not have much of a choice, my friend literally kept nagging me to go and watch it until I agreed, don't we all have one of those friends?)

I didn't really understand the concept of the movie though since it was linked to other movies like Skyfall (which I have not seen), but the main theme of the movie had to do with this organisation called the 'spectre' which James Bond tries to solve since it is linked to his childhood. I loved how James could like literally get out of  any situation possible, how does he even do that? Léa Seydoux plays the perfect 'Bond' girl in this movie, she was gorgeous in this movie! One thing that surprised me was how quickly Bond gets every girl his sets his eyes on, even though in the initial meeting they always use the dialogue 'you can never have me' and play hard to get.

Can I just take a moment to have a fan girl moment of Daniel Craig!! Ohmygosh! I might just die of dreaming how handsome and hot he looked in the movie, he is gorgeous anyways but in the movie Ohmyword!! *sighs*

The music is definitely a hit or miss for me, personally the Writing on the Wall is a great song but it wasn't just my type but I can see it being a  winner, I'm confident this song will win some awards and Sam Smith is a fantastic writer. Although I am still yet to hear Adele's song for Skyfall which I have heard many good things about and I think she even won a award for it? The background tunes were something I definitely loved, in particular ..(I am not really sure which ones they played in the background to emphasise on the suspense, action etc)

The acting was definitely a bonus, Daniel Craig seems to do with it such ease it really puts my acting capabilities to shame (not that I had much to begin with). I never thought after watching some scenes of Pierce Brosnan playing Bond anyone else could come to his legendary acting but I was proved wrong. 

The stunts and action sequence in this movie are not greatly played in comparison to other action iconic films such as Mission Impossible or the Fast and Furious franchise. Just like other action films, this had it all; the girls, the fast cars (although Bond films are known to use the Aston Martin cars) and risky stunts. 

The tone and the pace of the movie was suspenseful and surprising, I would say the same with plot. It was very fast paced, scenes changing from one to another. The plot was very intricate, because I could not keep up with the storyline but that might be due to my own fault than the films since I had not seen any of the previous Bond films. 

I want to watch the next James Bond if there is ever made one! :)

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