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West Haven #1

Title: Chasing Freedom
Published: 15th June 2014
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes

Chase Finn is being hunted, and if he ever stops running he’s going to end up dead.

It doesn’t matter that he’s only seventeen. It doesn’t matter that just a few weeks ago he was a normal teenager. All that matters is that he is a threat, and the Agents tracking him will stop at nothing to see him neutralised.

With the line between friends and enemies blurring, Chase discovers he is just a pawn in the middle of a war that’s lasted for centuries, but he isn’t going to let himself be used any longer.

Soon both sides of the war are going to learn that the most important thing about Chase Finn isn’t that he’s a werewolf, it’s that he’ll sacrifice everything, even his own freedom, for the people he loves

I received this book in an exhange for an honest review, thanks to Sarah from J&S Author Services

This book was really really really fascinating! I did not expect for me to love this book very much but I could not help myself and I fell in love with Chase's character!

This begins with Chase running for his life and is saved. He then wakes up in a unknown place surrounded by strangers. Pause...want more? Well let's just say this story was really captivating and an eye opener in some ways. Chase at the beginning has a hard time fitting in and just like a every new character you read in a book who arrives wants to just get back to their comfort zone and old life. But something compels him to stay, so unknowingly he stays every time he intends to go back home.

My two favourite characters would have to be Mal and Vic. Victoria is the kind of person you just want to hug and tell her everything will be okay, she is depicted as a fragile character but she has immense strength when she fights with all her heart. Mal is the opposite, he is another vampire (I am reading too many vampire books, I am obsessed! Oh well!) who is shown to have a tough exterior except for Kat who he seems to have a soft spot for. He is portrayed as a very tough person but with a heart of gold when you get to know him. I must admit, the way he schemes is very manipulating indeed!

This story was a pleasure to read, I love how the story turned out, it kept me wanting more. I cannot wait for the next book, well I assume there will be another book! 

(chase looks so hot on the cover!!!!!)  

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