Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Dream War Saga #2

Title: Deadly Sweet Lies
Author: Erica Cameron
Published: 18th August 2015
My Rating: 1/5
Recommend: No

Nadette Lawson knows when you’re lying.

Every night for the past two years, the Balasura have visited her dreams, enticing her to enter their world. And every night she’s seen through their lies. Now, they’re tired of playing in the shadows and they begin to stalk her in the waking world. It’s no longer just an invitation; if Nadette doesn’t join them, they’ll take her family. Forever. She needs help, and the haven she’s seeking may be just out of reach.

Julian Teagan is a master of deception.

To survive, he has to convince the world his mother isn’t useless, that everything’s fine, otherwise he’ll lose what little he has left in this life. He knows the lying won’t be enough to keep him and his mother in the shadows, but it’s all he knows. The only light of truth is Orane, a Balasura who sees past Julian’s facade and challenges him to face the darkness.
Then Orane is killed, and Julian learns his mentor was far from innocent. The Balasura have hunted children like him for centuries, and their next target, Nadette is his one chance at finally being a part of something real. If Julian can just convince her to trust him…

I received this book free in an exchange for an honest review

It is very rare I don't finish books, and I do try to read all of them especially if I have requested them but I just could not go through with this book. I felt like this book was another Lair of Dreams which took me forever to read, it was a similar concept considering of another wordly but in the dream landscape, hero and heroine fighting the battle against evil.

From what I read, Nadette and Julian are similar but have opposite qualities. Nadette thinks she is crazy because she can tell when a person is lying, she hears this bell ringing in her head, whereas Julian can manipulate what he tells you, he can make you believe or compell more like to believe whatever he tells you. He is shown to have a horrible life with his drunk mother but survives by going to this other world where Orane helps him conquer his fears and then suddenly dies.

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