Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Timothy Other #1

Title: Timothy Other: Who Climbed Marzipan Mountain
Author: L. Sydney Abel
Published: 16th November 2015
My Rating: 3/5
Recommend: Yes  

Timothy Other's birthplace has always been a mystery. 12 year-old Timothy lives at the Dreams and Hopes Orphanage where he was abandoned as an anonymous infant. Timothy’s world crumbles when the orphanage is repossessed by the bank and comes under the strict rule of the horrid Mr. Sterner and the scaly-skinned Ms. 'Fishy' Finn. He escapes the Dreams and Hopes Orphanage and travels to the bizarre world of Marzipan Mountain, where he befriends some amazing creatures. Timothy seeks to discover his true origins and becomes embroiled in a matter of life and death, facing the evil forces that crave the secret of 'Golden Life'

I received this book free in an exchange for an honest review

I was very hesitant to read this book, I judge a book based on its cover. However, with this book the opposite happened. I was gripped by the blurb than the book cover, I was interested by why Timothy would climb a mountain? Like what is so special about that?

Timothy Other is a orphan raised in the Dreams and Hopes orphanage where other various kids are also left from all ages, I felt kind of sad for kids who felt neglected by their parents or unloved. But Mr Penny and the two olives loved the kids dearly that is until Mr Penny dies of a heart attack and then comes Custard smile (not the character's actual name but more of a nickname :D)

The one thing I loved throughout the book is the humor, especially the nicknames given to some of the characters! 

Timothy Other makes one instant decision to leave the orphanage as life drastically changes from joy to misery once Mr Penny dies, but there were so many mysteries that needed unravelling. Since the book was told from multiple POV's, it was kind of hard to distinguish what the story revolved around but that is where the best bit comes in. Once the plot starts to become clear, that is when you get at the edge of the seat thinking how does everything come together? Will Mr Itling do the right thing? How many times will he be used before he does the right thing? And what happened to the two olives? There are so many questions!!!

Edwin was so hilarious in the innocent, childish kind of way but some of the stuff he comes out with you can't help but laugh. Honestly he made the book so much more worthwhile to read, I loved it!

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