Monday, 16 May 2016

Cover Lover #11

This cover has been on my hit list for a while now, it is such a gorgeous blue. I love midnight blue, I especially like how reflective it seems and plays with the light.

What are some of your favourite covers in 2016 so far? Have you seen any that caught your eye recently? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading!

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  1. That is gorgeous!! Ahh! :D Midnight blue is such a pretty, pretty color. Blue itself is my favorite, and midnight as well as a light sky sort of blue are my favorite shades. This cover also has one of my favorite color combinations - blue and silver. Love it!! And yes, I like what you said, about how this cover seems to play with the lighting. Great touch.

    1. Yes it is! OHMYGOSH!!! Blue is my fav colour too! Were like soul sisters ^_^

    2. Ahaha! :D Blue rocks. Where have you been all my life, with your stunning book covers?!

      lol!! Hopefully you don't have too long to wait. When's the release? Also, you know a couple covers that I've always thought were sweet (they grab my eye every time, but I've yet to read them yet unfortunately)? In the Percy Jackson series, The Titan's Curse and The Last Olympian. Perhaps it's the color schemes, but I just love those two (any of the PJ covers, really, but those two specifically).

      Oh, and Falling Kingdoms. The first book cover for that really makes me want to read the series, though honestly I don't think it's for me.. *cries*

    3. Hahahah.. no idea. Where have you been girl??? I have been searching everywhere for you!!!

      The release is in September, if I went to BEA then maybe I could have got a ARC that's if a) I didn't get lost and b) there was any left! Lol OHMYGOSH!!! SERIOUSLY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE!!!!!! I want to devour those books that is how much I LOVE them!!! I agree the colour schemes are off the charts!

      Oh no! I saw them, the covers on GR and well I have to agree, not sure about the book but the covers???? :OOOOO

    4. Ahhh, September! Could be worse, but that's still a while away! LOL. I'm sure if I ever went to one of those things I'd be lost before I even walked through the doors.

      It makes me very sad, but I've only read up to Sea of Monsters in Percy J! And that was several years ago, so I'll probably have to start fresh again when I decide to actually read the rest of the series.

      I've heard that the books are really good. I just don't think the story is one that I'd normally go for. But you know what the cover might make me read it eventually anyway, so maybe I'll find that I like it. :D (You know you've succeeded at making a great cover when that happens).

    5. Yeah it is but oh well. Yeah, I would be lost too especially from what I have seen by booktubers >.<
      I have not even read any, at least you have started! I have been meaning to for a while now, maybe we can read it together? That might motivate us to do so, you know like a buddy read.

      Me either, hahaha.. I would agree with you on that :P (hahah...thank you! :D)

    6. Oh, that would be so much fun!! I don't think I could do it, though. I'm really, really bad with getting to books. And then I read kind of slow because I always like to absorb myself in the world lol. I don't trust myself to commit to something like that at the moment. Plus I'd have to buy the books past Sea of Monsters (book #2), and I'm currently looking at other series. Although, I would be up for a buddy read for the first book, if you wanted to do that to get started on it! From seeing some of the titles you have here, I think you'd LOVE the Percy Jackson series.

    7. Oh dear, I thought I had replied to you!

      Yeah I agree, lol I am the same. I like to notice everything the author writes and get a feel of the book!
      I would love to get started, I would need to buy the book first. I think I would love it too, I loved the first movie! ^^

    8. Oh, I completely forgot about the movies! I enjoyed the first one as well, although it was very different from the book. A lot of people hated it because of that (as people usually do).. I've not seen the second one yet, if I remember right and there is one. But yeah, I think if you liked the sort of mood/tone/atmosphere of the movie, the books are definitely for you!

      Just let me know if you buy it and want to do that! I'm on break from school until the middle of August, so anytime before then would be best, but it's a small book so I can work it into my schedule really anytime without too much trouble! :)

    9. Really? I have not read the book so I couldn't say. Yeah there is one, I have not seen it yet. I do! I loved the movie, I am always drawn to movies like that :)

      Really? That is a LONG break, I have about 6 months off from college too, that is cool. I am hoping to do so! I will let you know as soon as I do! :D