Thursday, 1 December 2016

4 Reasons Why You Need The Ultimate Blog Planner

YES!! It's finally here!!! Can you believe it??? Ever since I started blogging (which was in  May 2015, if you don't forget about the post I did back in 2012 and I completely forgot this blog existed! Oops! Let's just keep that between me and you? Yes, perfect!🙈🙊)

OHMYWORD!! This was so beautifully wrapped that I did not even want to remove it from its packaging! And then the most terrible thing happened, I was compelled by the urge, YES BY THE URGE  to take a picture and frame it. SO THEN WHAT HAPPENED? I HAD TO TAKE IT OUT OF THE BUBBLE ( I personally always loved the bubble, as a kid when I had nothing better to do and any packages had come that day I used to spend hours playing with it #sadtimes I know).  Shall we just cry together? 😭😭😭. Here are 4 reasons why you should by this immediately.

1. The cover is beautiful

(Please Note, this picture is edited to bring out the colours of the planner so
it is a little lighter when you actually buy the product)

Do I need to say more? The peach with the gold? What a perfect combination and what I loved most about it all is the simplicity. Yeah fair enough there are so many planner's out there that bloggers are using and are currently loving (like the Erin Condren planner), but I was looking for one simply for blogging and the ones I have seen so far were not really up my ally, but I feel like I finally found my true love 😍.

2. The Price

This is probably the top factor in what made me buy this product, although I do love the Erin Condren planner's unfortunately it is a little pricey. If I lived in the USA then maybe I wouldn't care so much but I wanted to use it for blogging mainly, jot down ideas, plan etc I didn't think it was worth the investment. So I am very happy about this purchase and I cannot thank the people at Dot Creates enough! 💝💞  (the price for this planner is £12.50 in case your wondering).

3. The Inside Pages

On the left hand side is a sponsored content page for those bloggers who use sponsored product in their video's or blog (although it has no use to me, still a good thing for future references, just realised I could use this for any books I ordered or ARC's, 1 point for my brain-maybe there is hope for you after all 😆-I was talking about my brain I will just delete this stuff ). On the right hand side, is most likely what I will be using until it cannot be used anymore. I love that I can actually write down a structure or maybe some points I want to highlight in a blog post and then it has 3 little check boxes (words, links and photos). Coming back to it when you have actually published the post you can mark it off on the planner and then have a nice cup of tea and relax.

3. Inspirational Messages 

First page after the main cover 

One of the messages inside the book

I see a lot of these type of handwritten messages on Twitter, FB and Pinterest. It's so inspiring, I wish I could do them myself but since I can't I loved the fact there in the planner after so many pages (I think it was after every 15/16 pages) to remind me to keep going, its like an extra boost to work hard and to do better.

4. Stats 

I love this, just before the inspiration message page, you will have this at the bottom. This will help me a lot as sometimes (by that I mean 90% of the time) I actually forget to look at my stats and see if my blog has grown, if anyone is liking the content and so on. So for people like me it is a perfect reminder!

That's all folks!

(anyone here watch Looney Tunes? I used to love watching that as a child, Bugs Bunny is my fav  💖)

What do you think? Did you fall in love with this like the way I did? What are some of the features you look for in a planner? Let me know in the comments below!

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