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Movie Revew: Civil War

Movie Details:
Title: Captain America
Release Date: 6th May 2016
Cast: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Bozeman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Emily VanCamp, Tom Holland, Frank Grillo, William Hurt, Daniel Brühl
Rating: 4/5

(AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I should be relaxing, after spending hours on these posts somehow I end up deleting the posts and I actually can't remember what I wrote. Of course I can't, it is one of those rare moments where I was on fire yesterday! I am so sad!!!! 😓😭😭😭)

Downey and Evans put on a stellar performance, combating with one another. Two sides of the same coin, both avengers fighting to do the right thing. You can tell how much they convey with nothing but just their expressions and body language. 

This movie is insanely epic, I loved every moment of it. Captain America and Stark get in to a dilemma, both striving to do justice with humanity. This film highlights those deaths that usually go unnoticed, but this time the avengers make it the main plot of the film. Stark wants to have a system put in place with authority figures, this way then can ensure they don't end up killing anyone's life with them trying to save the world (they can't guarantee that but its them trying to responsible instead of reckless). Cap has a problem with that, he doesn't believe in the Government, nor does he want to be controlled by them. He doesn't want them making decisions for them and telling them what to do (in a sense he is right, what if their is an attack and they stop them from acting so quickly?).

From the last two movies I have been watching Evans and what a truly tremendous actor he is and I fell in love with him in this movie, he is an exceptional actor. I couldn't decide which side I wanted to be on. On one hand, Stark is right because of their actions (even if it is trying to save the world) people are killed and there is no consideration, no remorse from anyone. Whereas, Cap is right, if they hand over that power to the authority (Government), you can't really trust them as their intentions are not revealed. But I would have to say Iron Man has always been my favourite, and although I love both of them Stark has my heart, therefore I am on his side. Sorry Cap. #teamironman #noregrets 

The latest cinematic release from Marvel tells the tale of every dreamer who breathes and lives the superhero universe (like me). It has everything in it, drama, suspense, action (a lot of action if you go by the trailers), a little touch of romance and a promise of more to come (this is where you internally scream 'NO' and weep at the cliffhangers because believe me when I say the suspense left you hanging for more).

I do have to mention that I probably should have watched  Captain America: The Winter' Soldier since it has many references to it and I mean many (I think the baddie is from there too?).

The stakes are high in this film, with all this drama and non stop action, tbut I think what Cap and Stark need to both is comprise as they are both right.  The drama and tension the scenes leaves you with slowly strips you away as each hour passes by leaving you feeling despair and full of anticipation (I can confirm this happened to me which left my friend annoyed since I could not contain my apprehension).

I did have one problem with the movie though which kind of got under my skin was the fact how Bettany's character who is supposed to be this powerful, intelligent android does nothing throughout the movie. He is baffled by the fact that Wanda defies and attacks him to join Caps team when he is trying to protect her by keeping her on house arrest. Whilst at least she fights him when they are battling one another, he just flies in the air and dodges her attacks like WHAT? C'mon mate your more powerful than that, I am expecting more from him in the next movie. And how is it that most of Stark's team leave him? How does that make the fight equal? Black Widow's betrays him and joins Caps team halfway through the movie, the only ones fighting is Black Panther, Spidey and Rhodey. I did love two characters in this movie, Boseman and Brühl who's acting skills were phenomenal. I love how each characters were involved with the main plot but also had they own stories woven in to the plot. Baseman did a great job as a secondary character, you could clearly see he is going to have his own movie someday as well as have a bigger role in the next movie. My favourite acting skills in the whole movie was Zemo (yes I know he is a baddie, but he is baddie of the year in my opinion), he did such a stupendous job throughout the movie that I fell in love with this acting, there is also the fact that whatever he had plotted was happening. He was trying to create a rift between Stark and Cap and I can successfully confirm it did. Also, thanks to him he reveals a unknown secret that Cap was hiding about Bucky regarding Starks parents, I was like ---->😨😱😱😱😱. It was also unfair how Bucky and Cap were both fighting Stark in the epic fighting scene, what happened to a fair fight? Although stark should have ended it, unfortunately it is Cap who ends it. 

There is this rumour going around that Cap will die in the next movie or at least it will be his last one. I don't want Marvel to stop casting Evans, he is a incredible actor and the avengers team just won't be the same without him. I know other fans also share the same sentiment, I have loved the avengers movies because of Evans and Downey and now I hear they might kill him off or he might throw in the towel? NO! All those other times they always make the endings different from the books, the one time I want them to do this they do the opposite. I am not sure if I would continue watching the movies.

Phew! I finally finished 😅

Have you watched any of Marvel's movies? What did you think of it? Who is your fav superhero? Let me know in the comments below

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