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9 Reasons That Will Make You Want To Order a Illumicrate Box

Hello folks! Can you believe its the first week of January 2017 already? Me either, where did the time go? Oh yeah, 2016 is one of those years we just don't talk about. Here is to having a great 2017 filled with optimism and happiness, sending some positivity your way *shoves it down the air mail ladder*.

Okay this post is way over due... I should have done this review back in August 2016 (and it is currently 2017, this has been sitting in my drafts folder for almost 4 months! Yikes)  and I am not sure really why I didn't. Oh yeah I remember, life happened... 

Anyways, here is 9 reasons why you should get a Illumicrate box for yourself....

1. Beautiful Packaging 

You have to admit, when you get a package from the Postman you get all excited and giddy and have the 'gimme hands'. I know you do, I just want to have it in my hands already so I can tear it open and see what's inside. Okay I am not that aggressive when opening them I open them more gently but you know what I mean right?

Omg 😵😱 this is so me!

When I first opened the packaging I had to pause for a moment, I have never really ordered a subscription box before and I have to admit it is one of the best feelings in the world, no words can describe it. Who doesn't love a book goodie? I really have no idea how they managed to fit so many items in the box but what I do know is that I ruined it when I took the contents out to take some photographs for the blog.

2. Packing List

I love that this had like a contents page, I guess each subscription box have one but since this was a first for me I really had no idea what to expect. I think this was a special one since they had 2 books in there along with other goodies. I was unaware of this, you can imagine my surprise when I opened it and found I had more than I bargained for! 

This is a very accurate representation of my reaction when I 
found out the surprise!

3. Harry Potter

I must have delayed reactions because what I feel like after decades is that I can FINALLY say that I am getting in to HP. Can you believe that? I never knew what the hype was so I always felt like I was missing out and I think the problem lay in me not paying attention to the movies or books, I never actually sat down to watch a full movie. And when I did I realised this is so my thing. I can finally use these coasters  whenever I have tea although I don't want to use them either just in case they get damaged you know? 

4. Discount Code 

Not sure if this a regular thing or not, but this was a good way for me to just purchase more fantastic stuff. I swear when I see things worth buying I get all hooked up on just buying that one item, a discount for a first purchase?  Could this get any better?

5. Tote Bag

I still have no idea what this bag says or means but I think its very pretty and I love it very much. I have this bag and a Scholastic one which I use just to carry books! Don't we all have those special bags that we use to carry books in? I do! Whenever I travel to long distances or I am out of town, I basically use this every excuse I get. 

6. Tea 

Lately, I have been watching YouTube videos like crazy about people trying different kinds of tea, Elise has also made me intrigued with the different kind of tea's she has. So although I have had this for months I am still yet to try this and I am making this my new year resolution to try different tea's. My cousins are very fond of Green Tea and although it is good for you, I still can't get myself to drink it for some reason.

7. Art

I am a big fan of Art, specifically colouring items, so when these two items popped in to my mail box, I was over the moon (this actually reminds me of the rhyme 'Hey Diddle Diddle', have you ever heard of it?). I have been really in to art and creativity so I am going to love colouring these in!

8. Extra 

As if you needed anymore reasons to buy this, I love extra promo stuff like this. Not only does it update me on what new books are releasing but it also gives me a preview of what the book is about, a feel of the book. And to be totally honest, if this wasn't in the box, I would have been totally unaware of this book even existing!

9. Books!

As I said before, I received two books in the August box and I am so happy because The Graces was given early before it even being released! How awesome is that! Can we please get an applause! *makes clapping noises*

I still haven't read Nevernight or The Graces but I do plan on reading it very soon and from what I hear, I am sure it will be great. 

And finally...

Here is my attempt at trying to take a picture of everything, I am no photographer but I think I did an okay job. What do you think?

Let's talk: I have loved getting my first Illumicrate box, have you received any subscriptions recently that you loved and reviewed? I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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