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Who would you like on your Book Panel?

Hello everyone ^_^, I hope everyone is good and well. Gosh don't you think it has been forever since I have just sat down and done a discussion post at all? Today is a very interested topic I want to discuss today, imagine just imagine if you could select anyone in your panel to be, AND I DO MEAN ANYONE! You could have maybe one of your favourite Harry Potter character's (or himself ) on there, or maybe even John Green himself? SO today I will be giving you my intake what my dream book panel would be, so let's get started ......


1. Elise Kova

One of my highlights of 2016, was getting to know more about Elise, she is by far an amazing author and human being. Her Air Awaken series doesn't get enough recognition as it deserves. You can thank this lovely author for getting me to love Fantasy again, I owe everything to her. She is positive, loveable, supportive, caring, kind basically everything a perfect human should be. I would love to see her on the panel and see what amazing creative ideas she would bring to the panel.

2. Sophie Kinsella

Ah Sophie, where does the praise begin for this author? I happen to have stumbled upon one of her books a couple of years ago, since then I have never turned back. She is like the Chick Lit queen, love her to bits. She would be amazing on the panel, I would love to hear her ideas on how she shapes a story, how does she make her characters so funny and with depth too, why is she so loveable, basically everything!!!

3. Sarah Morgan

Queen of the romance literature, I have come across her books before but I never understood why I never read any of her books because she is freakingly awesome. I would love her input on how she makes the male protagonist so swoon worthy 😍😻

4.  Trisha Ashley 

Another queen of romance, she really has a way with words. Not only does she come up with the best hero's in her books but they are so GOD DAMN CUTE!!! My only regret is they are not real (I secretly am wishing they truly do exist in another world). Her latest book captured by heart with Nile Grecian descriptive terms, how is it possible Nile and Alice are so cute together and Alice can't see that??? *sighs*. I really want to know how she decides what she is going to write next. 

5. A.G. Howard

She just won my heart with her latest release, which you can check out my latest review here but she is so amazing. I really love how she has woven a gothic tale in to such a beautiful story and my heart was just so devastated to learn that it is only a standalone. I want to know how she wrote such a beautiful book; what was the writing process like? How did she decide what characters would look like? Their names? Personality etc.

6. Sherry Thomas & Sara Raasch 

I really loved BOTH of their series (I am yet to catch up on their latest releases, it is somewhere in the never ending pile of T-B-R 😩😨😰😱😱😪). Both of these managed to crumble me in to tears with their sweet words and epic romance. HOW DID THEY DO IT??? I am fascinated with how all this began. 

7. Michelle Zink

This author is very dear to my heart, a few years ago when I lost sight of reading (and growing up). I saw an advert once of her books to 'read this series' and what did I do? I Googled it and the blurb just captivated me. In all honesty I rushed to the library the next day and just ordered these books I could not wait for the words to consume me. She made me realise how much I loved reading and missed it. She really has some interesting ideas, I wonder if any of her characters are inspired by anyone???

8. Wendy Higgins

OMG!!!! Kaiden Rowe is so AWESOME there is no where to go when he enters the room. How did this author come up with this character and turn him in to someone with just one look can make all the girls melt in to a puddle?? *sighs*

9. Katherine Owen

Lincoln and Tally won my heart instantly. What I like most about this series is how much hardship they go through to get one another, this author really makes them work for it (it's like going to hell and back, somehow managing to survive).

10. Rebecca Donovan 

Her Breathing series is quite emotional me for to read. Over the years, I can't seem to read the heavily emotional stuff. I just start sobbing on the very first page, but then once in a while you come across a series that grips you. I still have not managed to review this series yet, it took me a long while to read this series but I very much loved Evan and Em together. Where did this idea spark to write such a story? I wonder....


This has to be my favourite category, now only if this truly existed! 😕😕😟

1. Emma

Oh my poor sweet Em, please bring Evan with you, thanks! *runs away*

2.  Vhalla & Aldrik

These two are my love and NOBODY CAN REPLACE THEM!!!

3. Poppy

She is so funny, she would probably end up loosing her mobile phone and then searching for it everywhere 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💖💖💖

4. Thorn & Rune

Be sure to bring your mask along with you eh? You could scare the whole audience 😉😂😄😆

5. Arcus & Ruby

Again, my beating heart cannot contain this cuteness.

6. Alice & Nile

PLEASE bring some of your best cupcakes I am 100% sure everyone would just devour it as soon as they see it! (I know I will)

7. Lia

Oh Lia, you are so perfect. I'm glad you finally won the battle but so sorry for you loss. But it's okay because we can be sisters! Okay?


Okay, so I just realised and had a really GOOD look at my list, there is a lot of people for a panel wouldn't it? OMG! I just forgot the people of Narnia! 😓😱😱😱 How did I do do that? I was forever stuck on this film series ( I am yet to read the books) for a very long time, it is engrained in my childhood.

Let's talk: There you have it folks, now I want to know who would you like on your dream panel to be? Let me know in the comments below! And if you've ever dreamed of hosting your own book conference with your favourite authors a great resource to check out is Eventbrite. Check out their site for cool free tools to help you create your conference and track registrations online.

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