Monday, 20 February 2017

Getting to Yes

Title: Getting to Yes
Author: Allie Pleiter
Published: 12th July 2016
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: YES!!

Suzann knows Adam is the perfect man for her--the man she's waited for, prayed for, fallen hard for from the first. Valentine's Day is coming. It's the perfect time for him to pop the question. She's more than ready, he's trying to get ready, so why would God throw obstacle after obstacle into the mix? Will Suzann and Adam get to "yes"? This tenderly romantic and funny novelette is a short, sweet read and the prequel to Sweet City Hearts 2:"My So-Called Love Life" (Previously released as a Harlequin Love Inspired online read.) 

An avid knitter, BBC Television geek and French macaron enthusiast, Allie Pleiter writes both fiction and non-fiction working on as many as four novels at a time. The enthusiastic but slightly untidy bestselling author of over two dozen books, Allie spends her days writing, playing with her adorable Havanese dog Bella, buying too much yarn, and finding new ways to avoid housework. Allie hails from Connecticut, moved to the midwest to attend Northwestern University, and currently lives outside Chicago, Illinois. The “dare from a friend” to begin writing has produced a fourteen-year career with over one million books sold. In addition to writing, Allie regularly speaks on faith, the creative process, and women’s issues.

OMG!!! These short stories are going to finish me! This was so hilarious, if I thought I was crazy and over thinks a lot then clearly I have not met Suzann! My only regret is that she is not real! Why do I fall in love with characters? :'( Oh yeah because they are just so perfect and silly like ME!!!!

Suzann and Adam are perfect for each other, they have been dating for a year now and Suzann knows he is the one. So what is the problem? The problem begins when Suzann starts to hope and fantasise about Adam proposing her on their one year anniversary. Unknown to her, Adam is facing problems of his own. We know that his parents had one of the worst marriages/divorce ever but we are not told how severe it was and how much that impacted on Adam. We do know that is makes him afraid, especially when his boss also is having problems with his own wife and had a confrontation scene in the office. Yikes, now that would be a weird thing to see in front of everyone.

I really loved Suzann and Adam, they were both caring, considerate and romantic towards one another but Adam fails to push through and take a leap of faith. For all the romantic lovers out there (that would be me too), he does eventually say it in the end *phew* but I now I want to know MORE!!!!!!

Let's talk: do you love short stories too? Let me know your recs below!

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  1. Aw, this story sounds super adorable! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D Have a wonderful week :)

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. Thank you so much, I hope you have a wonderful week too! :)

  2. This collection of short stories seem very sweet and charming. Suzann and Adam sounds like and adorable couple. Thanks for sharing!

    1. They are! I am just recently getting to them! Your welcome, thank you for stopping by! :)