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The Lament of Sky

Title: The Lament of Sky
Author: B.B Wynter 
Published: 26th December 2014
My Rating: 2/5
Recommend: No

There once existed a collective of Gods called the Duwaiu. Mortal long ago - now bound together for a thousand years - the Duwaiu swore allegiance to the Vildarii: three faceless entities that governed the spirit worlds, Otherworlds and the Hell plains; ensuring that the great wheel of life continued to turn.

But the second Vildarii, Guardian of the Hell plains, desired that there be ultimate suffering upon the world and drove all the Duwaiu Gods into madness. As consequence for their insanity, the Rhai-Angof - a ferocious female race - were hunted unto extermination and the essence of the Vildarii was crafted into three human men.

Lilyth, the last remnant of the Rhai-Angof, fights to survive against the ruling, tyrannical Vildarii regime. Her journey leads to encounters with William, the only remaining Duwaiu God; Sky, an ethereal being of otherwordly magic; and a philandering sky-pirate named Vergo. 

As they progress through their adventure together, Lilyth slowly begins to piece back memories that were stolen by the magic of the Vildarii. Eventually, putting together the puzzle of the regime’s evil scheme, it leads to an unforgettable climax, where races and worlds collide

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review

Hm..I really don't know how to feel about this book. I feel like I when I read the synopsis I felt so excited about reading a fantasy book, I am a big lover of this genre. However I felt like my hopes just plummeted down, kind of like someone removing the floor from underneath your feet. 

There were so many times in the book when I felt like I could go on no more and wanted to just DNF it but I was adamant to give the book a fair chance, I had hoped it would change my mind. 

(let's bring the tissues out, although this book was not for me that is not to discourage anyone else reading it)

Shall we get to the impending list then?

1. The writing style

2. Language 

I am not sure if this goes hand to hand or not but my reasons would be similar so instead of repeating myself I wanted to answer this once. I wouldn't say the way it is written is terrible but I because I have no idea what era this book is set in, I feel like the style and language used is like from the old passages, like the 15th century. Now I personally find it hard to comprehend the meaning behind the text sometimes so I found it really hard to read this book. When I was reading I would go over the chapters again to make sure I was reading it properly, this no doubt takes more time which makes it harder to get in to the book and enjoy it.

3. I found Lilyth quite annoying and rude

There is must be a limit to how someone can annoy you right? I found Lilyth constantly annoying and bad mouthed, she literally spoke her mind with no filter which is not always a bad thing BUT sometimes she was just saying silly things which made no sense. Honestly isn't she a drama queen? Everything must be done her way! 

That is not to say I didn't enjoy certain aspects of the book I really loved her humour sometimes as much as she had a mouth on her she was just really funny about her perspective on things! 

“How strange, but why would I know what a cabbage man is?” she spluttered rudely.
“Not cabbage Lilyth, but Caraid – the beings of light. All Rhai-Angof know these things.”
“Well do you know how cheesy that just sounded? ‘Beings of light’…really, I feel embarrassed being in your presence. Wait…you’re not a fairy? Now I feel even more uncomfortable. And I don’t believe you either! Sprout your wings or I wont be convinced of such drivel.”
“I am not a cabbage or a fairy, I am Caraid. We guide and assist hopeless humans like you, though we have been known to travel down a rather darkened path, once in a while,” he smiled rather cheekily.” 

The characters were okay, I actually only read the book because of Sky. He is hiding a lot of secrets that come to light and I can't say I am surprised you are actually given little clues in each chapter leading up to it. He is actually kind of cute, although he deceives Lilyth I do love the way he treats her #couplegoals 

The romance had a interesting twist, before losing her memory she was in love with William for so many years (100 was it?) as soon as she starts to regain some back she changes directions. I suppose I can't blame her because her memory was gone for some time. 

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