Monday, 20 March 2017

In With The New

Title: In With New 
Author: Tracy Krimmer 
Published: 27th December 2016
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: YES

Eli no longer believes in love, 
and Meg has no time for it. 

Can the spirit of Christmas and hope of a new year change their perspectives?

I really loved this book! I can't tell you how much I adored Eli and Meg. In With New is told from both of point of views, we get to peak inside both Eli's and Meg's head. Meg being a new dog owner with Moose has no idea about dog's ( I am assuming she never realised the extent to which how a puppy can be quite handful sometimes). Then enters Eli, the charming, handsome, tall dog owner. Eli is a bit of a expert in dog training, he should be as dog owners come to him to help train their dog. The way he does it though is so simple and always in baby steps. I fell in love with Eli instantly, he is a bit hard to resist don't you think?

Eli is sweet, wonderful and a kind person. With a relationship in the past gone bad, he severs he ties with his brother and family. He lives alone with his dog Phil at his side (like he says he always did think dogs are a man's best friend). 

Meg is a YouTuber who reviews products being sent to her by companies, she is constantly busy. It is safe to say she constantly puts stress on herself and is barely able to make time for herself. And she always helps a person in need, she is unable to say no. Which is a good thing however it does take a toll her...

I really enjoyed Meg and Eli's chemistry, I strongly feel they were perfect for each other. Eli is the type person who doesn't believe in there is never time for anything you care about. Simply stating 'I have no time' is an excuse to get out of it. Meg never has any time but she has a good relationship with her family. See what happens there? They help each other with parts that are deemed as important topics, they also balance each other out = a perfect fit.

I am a little sad this was a short novella, but I really enjoyed reading this. The author's writing is beautifully written, I loved every minute of it.

Let's talk: Don't you just short novella's especially that give you the winter festive season feeling? What are you favourite short stories to read? Let me know in the comments below?

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