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The Indecent Proposal

Title: The Indecent Proposal
Author: Louise Marley 
Published: 18th June 2014
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes/No

When Megan sees a photo of her rock star boyfriend Ryan with another girl, she dumps him and heads off to Sorrento on holiday. Unfortunately Ryan’s had exactly the same idea… 

The Indecent Proposal is an 8,000 word short story which should take about thirty minutes to read. It is a romantic comedy.

Awww...what a short sweet story. My only complaint is I wish it was longer or at least tell us a little bit more about what happens to Megan and Ryan.

Megan is writer, she just so happens to stumble on one picture of Ryan with a girl and then turns in to a frenzy, she believes every gossip site and news instead of talking to Ryan (thinking that he had cheated on her). Ryan I was surprised to find out is actually very sweet, he loves Megan with all his heart and tries to win her back.

Unknown to both of them, Gina sets them both up in her hometown in Sorrento, obviously Megan has no idea of this. I really loved Gina and Luca, they were both level headed, strong and how good friends supposed to be. Luca oozes with hotness and Gina oozes with beauty and confidence. 

Although I was pleased with the ending, I would have liked a bit more twists and turns to have happened. I felt like this was a bit too easy for them just to end up together engaged, I did feel sorry for Ryan when Megan would just ignore him but I also felt the need that he needed to do more.

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